1:30 PM 5/31/2017 – Saved Stories – 1. US Security Fact: Russia’s Capital Has a Nuclear Missile ‘Shield’

Saved Stories – 1. US Security
Fact: Russia’s Capital Has a Nuclear Missile ‘Shield’
Everything Thats Wrong With That McMaster Op-Ed
Casualty toll from Kabul bombing rises to 90 killed, 400 wounded
Officers allegedly made inmates put skin-blistering hot sauce on their genitals – Charlotte Observer
The Mirage Of An Arab NATO OpEd
FBI arrests 19 accused New York mobsters linked to Lucchese family – WHTC
FBI Arrests 19 Accused New York Mobsters Linked to Lucchese Family – U.S. News & World Report
The Latest: US cites ‘complete obliteration of mock warhead
Senate Dems Seek FBI Probe of FCC DDoS Attack – Multichannel News
Report: Trump Possibly Replacing Priebus, Floating New Names for Chief of Staff
James Comey Needs To Get His Clinton Investigation Story Straight…Again – HuffPost
FBI investigating Kushner meetings, report says; House leader seeks more Comey documents – Los Angeles Times
Former FBI director Comey to testify publicly – Washington Post
James Comey to Testify in Public Senate Hearing About Russia Inquiry – New York Times
Trump told the Russians that firing Comey took the pressure off. This is what he should have said instead. – Washington Post
Trump asked intelligence chiefs to push back against FBI collusion probe after Comey revealed its existence – Washington Post
President Trump vs. James B. Comey: A timeline – Washington Post
James Comey May Have Tipped The Election To Trump Based On A Fake Russian Document – PoliticusUSA
How a dubious Russian document influenced the FBI’s handling of … – Washington Post
James Comey May Have Been Swayed By ‘Bad’ Russian Intelligence On Hillary Clinton’s Emails – UPROXX
Comey’s handling of Clinton probe was influenced by a strange Russian document – Salon
Republicans Watch Their Step in a Slow Retreat From Trump
Caught in White House Chaos, Justice Dept. Official Seeks Neutral Ground
Lieberman Withdraws From Consideration as F.B.I. Director
Russian Once Tied to Trump Aide Seeks Immunity to Testify Before Congress

Nasty NATO and resentful Russia | Europe | DW.COM | 03.04.2016

Nasty NATO and resentful Russia | Europe | DW.COM | 03.04.2016

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Nasty NATO and resentful Russia

Russia says the West is spreading nasty stories about it and that its damaging relations between the two sides, but is there any basis to them? Fiona Clark takes a look.

Litauen NATO Manöver

Russians have been speaking in a conciliatory tone recently. Take Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s article published a few weeks ago in the magazine “Russia and Global Affairs.”

“We are not seeking confrontation with the United States, or the European Union, or NATO. On the contrary, Russia is open to the widest possible cooperation with its Western partners,” he wrote.

He argued Russia was misunderstood and still viewed in the now obsolete pre-WWII view of a totalitarian aggressor.

“The notion of the ‘clash of two totalitarianisms,’ which is now actively inculcated in European minds, including at schools, is groundless and immoral. The Soviet Union, for all its evils, never aimed to destroy entire nations.”