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After the constant claims by the teachers for the Department of Education (DE) to pay for their teaching career, Aida Díaz, president of the Association of Teachers of Puerto Rico (AMPR) indicated that the lawsuit is already ongoing.

“We are aware that the fair thing is to be paid for the teaching career that has been paralyzed since Law 66-2014 and then by Law 3 as a result of the country’s fiscal situation. We understand that we are in bankruptcy, but the teachers did their part, while the DE refuses to recognize the activation, revision of level and corresponding salary increases depending on the level of studies reached according to the Law of Teaching Career ”, explained Díaz.

Díaz indicated that when Law 66-2014 entered into force, it paralyzed wage increases although an official memorandum was not issued. Then, Law 3 passed in this administration maintained the stoppage.

“No memo of this kind was ever issued, just arbitrarily ceased the teaching career procedures. This action stripped the teacher of the recognition of level and corresponding salary increase which were the result of years of university studies and deprived them of their acquired rights, ”he added.

For his part, Grichelle Toledo, General Secretary of the Local Trade Union, added that everyone knows that the salary of Puerto Rican educators is well below teachers in the United States and that it is time to recognize that this is one of the reasons main reasons why the escape of teachers has not been stopped.

“Our teachers are far behind in terms of salary. After that, they are deprived of professional growth and materials. On many occasions they work with a number of limitations that the mass exodus to the United States of trained and certified teachers has caused. We have to stop this escape because we are losing our best talent. ”

Toledo said that there are more or less 2,200 teachers who are waiting for the payment of the Teaching Career.

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