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The Governing Board of the Electric Power Authority (PREPA) asked the Executive Director of PREPA, José Ortiz , on Wednesday for explanations about the contracts awarded.

“Given the information outlined, in several instances, the Executive Director of the Authority, Mr. José Ortiz, has been requested through telephone and verbal conversations to submit explanations to the Board regarding some details regarding some contracts.

Faced with this situation, during yesterday and today, information requirements were submitted by the Executive Committee of the Governing Board to submit in writing specific details related to the hiring and indications that have emerged during the past weeks and which include what is today a matter of discussion in the press.

Specifically, the Board required details regarding the need for services, assigned tasks and functions, reasonableness of the established fees, amount of payments, reason for extensions of any arising and any information pertinent to this evaluation.

Once the information is provided, it will be analyzed and evaluated by the Audit Committee of the Governing Board of the Electric Power Authority. They will proceed to give recommendations to the full Board and to the governor, Wanda Vázquez Garced , who has requested that the Authority operate with transparency and fiscal responsibility, ”the PREPA Government Board said in written communication.

The members of the Governing Board are: Elí Díaz Atienza , engineer Ralph Kreil Rivera , engineer Tomas Torres Placa , David Owens , Charles Bayless , Robert Poe , María Palou and Mr. Omar Marrero .

La controversia surgió luego que Ortiz, dijera a principios de semana que el contrato con la empresa Stantec ya no es necesario.

“El contrato ya no es necesario”, dijo Ortiz en rueda de prensa.

“A lo mejor esto motivó a FEMA porque es que, realmente este dinero se está solicitando desde febrero y el que todavía en el mes de agosto todavía no estuviera aprobado, un dinero que es principalmente un reembolso de contratistas que están dando el servicio pues, es mucho tiempo”, añadió.

La gobernadora Wanda Vázquez Garced informó el domingo que detuvo la firma del contrato entre la empresa Stantec y la Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica para trabajos relacionados a la recuperación del sistema eléctrico tras el paso del huracán María, hasta tanto las circunstancias del mismo estén claras.

“La transparencia es un elemento vital para esta administración. He estado en comunicación con el director ejecutivo de la Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica, José Ortiz, y mañana sostendremos una reunión con el fin de conocer los pormenores y la necesidad de ese contrato, de modo que se pueda tomar una decisión responsable conforme al bienestar del pueblo de Puerto Rico.”, indicó la gobernadora em declaraciones escritas.

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El contrato de la empresa Stantec estipula un monto de 450 mil dólares con el fin de realizar trabajos de reconstrucción y fortalecimiento del sistema eléctrico de la isla. El mismo estaría a cargo del director de la Oficina de Manejo de Emergencias de la AEE y encargado de las solicitudes de reembolso a FEMA, Arturo Deliz, junto al consultor estratega de la corporación pública, José Pérez Canabal. La idea es que a través de esta empresa se puedan trabajar los reembolsos de la agencia federal de Manejo de Emergencias, en vez de hacerlo a través de la Oficina Central de Recuperación, Reconstrucción y Resiliencia (COR3).

“We are evaluating all government contracts, without exception. In this administration there is no room for unreasonable expenses and we will ensure the fiscal health of our people,” said Vázquez Garced.

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Michael Novakhov – SharedNewsLinks℠: Divided the support of legislators to the governor | Government

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Representatives of the New Progressive Party (PNP) praised and criticized yesterday the performance and permanence of Wanda Vázquez as governor, although they made a call to maintain communication with the Legislature at the time of making decisions and executing the government plan that drove the community.

In turn, legislators distanced themselves from the controversy that began after the interim president of the PNP, Thomas Rivera Schatz, claimed that 95% of the leadership of the community closed ranks so that resident commissioner Jenniffer González would aspire to the post of secretary of State with a view to later occupying the governorate.

The vice president of the Chamber, José “Pichy” Torres Zamora, was satisfied with the execution of Vázquez as governor, who did not rule out declaring a state of emergency due to the rise in cases of gender-based violence and ordered the cancellation of a hazy contract in the Electric Power Authority (PREPA).

“I respect the succession order given by the Constitution of Puerto Rico and the fact that Wanda Vázquez is governor of Puerto Rico. So if the Constitution was good for a controversy to arise in the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico and it was basically dictated that (Pedro) Pierluisi had no membership, he also has to (the Constitution) be good for Wanda to remain in the governorate ” I said

The legislator applauded that Vázquez is listening to the people. “The times deserve to listen to the people and all sectors, but obviously maintaining control of the government and the government plan of the PNP,” he said.

Also, Torres Zamora said that in December of this year – when the term for filing candidacies for the 2020 elections expires – Gonzalez can submit his as governor. “I respect and understand that many colleagues would like it to be Jenniffer, she has the carats and the temper, but I respect the Constitution and the sworn governor is Wanda Vázquez. She must complete the four year period, ”he said.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for the PNP delegation in the House, Gabriel Rodríguez Aguiló, said that there should be a dialogue between Vázquez and the Legislative, although he did not make clear if that communication is taking place.

“The important thing is that she (Vázquez) works as a team and in coordination with the resident commissioner in the face of what we will be facing in Puerto Rico,” he said. Rodríguez Aguiló was one of the representatives who did not attend the meeting last Thursday that Rivera Schatz convened to propose González for the chair of the governor.

While the representative of the neo-progressive José Enrique “Quiquito” Meléndez said that there is no effective communication between the governor and the Legislature, while questioning that Vázquez now says as the first executive who will evaluate to declare a state of emergency for cases of gender violence .

La representante María “Tata” Milagros Charbonier también vio con buenos ojos el desempeño de Vázquez y apoyó su permanencia en la gobernación hasta las elecciones de 2020. “Esta situación de la revaluación de contratos que estaban en proceso me ha caído bien. Creo que va por el camino correcto si sigue así”, opinó.

Legislative minorities, on the other hand, see Vázquez’s permanence as a suspended governor. “I suspect that they will maintain a front against the governor, but I also do not rule out that they try overlapping strategies of discredit and of raising the areas of legitimate questioning again,” said the popular representative Luis Vega Ramos.

The independence representative Denis Márquez established that it remains to be seen if Vázquez ends the four-year term. “There is a kind of legislative lethargy in the House and I don’t know if they are still trying internal therapy to recover from the stress they suffered in July,” he said.

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Michael Novakhov – SharedNewsLinks℠: DE sued to meet teacher salary increase | Education

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After the constant claims by the teachers for the Department of Education (DE) to pay for their teaching career, Aida Díaz, president of the Association of Teachers of Puerto Rico (AMPR) indicated that the lawsuit is already ongoing.

“We are aware that the fair thing is to be paid for the teaching career that has been paralyzed since Law 66-2014 and then by Law 3 as a result of the country’s fiscal situation. We understand that we are in bankruptcy, but the teachers did their part, while the DE refuses to recognize the activation, revision of level and corresponding salary increases depending on the level of studies reached according to the Law of Teaching Career ”, explained Díaz.

Díaz indicated that when Law 66-2014 entered into force, it paralyzed wage increases although an official memorandum was not issued. Then, Law 3 passed in this administration maintained the stoppage.

“No memo of this kind was ever issued, just arbitrarily ceased the teaching career procedures. This action stripped the teacher of the recognition of level and corresponding salary increase which were the result of years of university studies and deprived them of their acquired rights, ”he added.

For his part, Grichelle Toledo, General Secretary of the Local Trade Union, added that everyone knows that the salary of Puerto Rican educators is well below teachers in the United States and that it is time to recognize that this is one of the reasons main reasons why the escape of teachers has not been stopped.

“Our teachers are far behind in terms of salary. After that, they are deprived of professional growth and materials. On many occasions they work with a number of limitations that the mass exodus to the United States of trained and certified teachers has caused. We have to stop this escape because we are losing our best talent. ”

Toledo said that there are more or less 2,200 teachers who are waiting for the payment of the Teaching Career.

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Michael Novakhov – SharedNewsLinks℠: Resident Commissioner González will not insist on the governorship

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Resident Commissioner in Washington Jenniffer González has ruled out, at least for the time being, becoming Puerto Rico´s governor given Wanda Vázquez Garced´s intention to remain in office for the rest of the term in the position she inherited, as she was next in the line of succession.

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