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As The New Abwehr’s psychological replay of The Lost Object, Kaiser Wilhelm II.

The Diagnostic Nostalgia of the historically part-Jewish – part-Gay New Abwehr for their model: part-Jewish – part-Gay Last Kaiser reveals itself in their Psychodrama-Psychohistory reality show and the Intelligence Operation as the Experiment: Operation Trump. – M.N. – 11:07 AM 5/25/2019

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Study In Political Criminology: Intelligence Operation As A Repetition Compulsion: Analysis Of “Kaiser Trump” Political Archetype As The New Abwehr’s psychological replay of The Lost Object, Kaiser Wilhelm II. 

The Resolution of the collective “intra-psychic” conflict is expressed in the symbolic psychological Undoing of the effects and the World Order post-WWII, and also in quite real life dimensions, visible and open, and also the invisible and hidden efforts to restore the Germany’s stature on the World stage. 

“The kaiser’s most authoritative biographer, John Röhl, proposed that the roots of the problem were neurological and grew from an insufficiency of oxygen during birth. The resulting minor cerebral damage, Röhl argued, though asymptomatic when Wilhelm was born, laid the foundations for a “secondary neuroticisation” in his childhood and adolescence.”

M.N.: This is one of the most important and interesting aspects, common to “both Kaisers”: Trump and Wilhelm II. Rohl’s opinion quoted above does have its merits: both historical personas appear to have a somewhat similar psychopathological profile, consistent with the elements of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, with the Affect cyclicity (“Cyclothymia, Bipolar Disorder, Depression”, etc.), subtle cognitive deficits pointing to some light early organicity, either hereditary or induced. For example, both could be the “Forceps Children”, delivered with the help of Obstetrical Forceps or the products of other similar factors. This line of thought is confirmed further by the Kaiser’s physical deformities at birth: 

“Wilhelm’s left arm, crippled due to perinatal complications, became the topic of lengthy elaborations; an aspect that was, notably, conspicuously absent from the diagnoses appearing in Germany after the end of the war. 

33 “

The Diagnostic Historical Nostalgia of the historically part-Jewish – part-Gay New Abwehr for their role model: part-Jewish – part-Gay Last Kaiser reveals itself in their Psychodrama-Psychohistory Reality Show and the Intelligence Operation as the Experiment: The Operation Trump 1944 – 2020. – M.N. – 11:07 AM 5/25/2019

“Freud lamented in 1915 that even ‘science has lost its sober impartiality; its embittered servants try to extract weapons from it to contribute to the fight against the enemy. The anthropologist has to declare the enemy inferior and degenerate, the psychiatrist must proclaim the diagnosis of his mental defects.’


“What was missing from Cabanès’s argument was a link between body and mind. As Wilhelm’s crippled arm was not congenital but the result of an injury received at birth, it hardly fitted the fashionable concept of degeneration touted in the book’s title. The ‘imperial ear’ was a more promising object of study; the attached earlobe purportedly visible on some photographs being one of the ‘anatomical stigmas of degeneration’ listed by fin-de-siècle anthropologists.


attached earlobes race – Google Search

Image result for attached earlobes race

Image result for attached earlobes race

It is known that the “attached earlobe” was viewed by the Nazi and earlier “racial scientists” as the “most definitive sign” of the Jewish genetic heritage and origins. It was reported that Hitler experienced a great relief when he saw on the photos that Stalin does not have this physical anatomical feature. 

“Hitler specifically asked Hoffmann to take a close-up photograph of Stalin’s earlobes, by which he thought he could determine if the Soviet leader was Jewish or not. Earlobes that were “attached” would indicate Jewish blood, while those that were “separate” would be Aryan; Hoffmann took the requisite image, and Hitler determined to his own satisfaction that Stalin was not Jewish.[37

“In Hitler and Stalin, historian Alan Bullock notes that “He [Hitler] believed these would show whether Stalin had Jewish blood – whether the earlobes were ‘ingrown and Jewish, or separate and Arian’.  He was relieved to see that Stalin passed the test and was not a Jew.”

However, Cabanès had little evidence for this interpretation” (Kaiser’s Jewish Ears), although this question apparently remains unresolved, and the degree of healthy scepticism regarding the Kaiser’s particular ethnic origins and the proportion of the “Jewish blood” in them. It is quite possible that part-Jewish Abwehr had its own opinions on this subject, and these opinions were reflected in their outlook and practices. 

“Cabanès’s diagnosis of the Hohenzollerns was a typical piece of wartime propaganda in the guise of historical and medical scholarship, supporting the French Army in their defence of civilisation against a nation of brutes and madmen.”


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