Blogs from Michael_Novakhov (21 sites): The FBI News Review: Mr. #Barr, UND where IZ ZIZ Baby of yourZ, named #TrumpCounterintelligenceInvestigation? ZIZ Baby ZeemZ to be loZt! Out Of Zight Out Of Mind… We will report you!

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Michael Novakhov on Barr’s exam, Lady Liberty And the Baby

The Barr Exam: “Yes, this Lady appears to be somewhat pregnant but since there is no evidence of the intercourse, it must be the Immaculate Conception!” – ziz iz my Zumary of the AG Barr’s Zummary, with all the due and mozt zinzere RESHPECT! | Palmer Report: William Barr’s supposed “summary” of the Robert Mueller report is complete bullshit, just as we suspected

M.N.: Now Mr. Barr claims that “the baby is his”. I am not so sure. The paternity test is needed. | “In his defiance, Barr proved himself to be exactly the protective bulwark…” – 6:05 AM 5/2/2019

The FBI News Review

Blogs from Michael_Novakhov (21 sites)