1. US Security from mikenova (75 sites) Stars and Stripes: Powerful Venezuelan lawmaker may have issued death order against Rubio, US memo says

1. US Security from mikenova (75 sites)
Stars and Stripes: Powerful Venezuelan lawmaker may have issued death order against Rubio, US memo says
Stars and Stripes: US officials says confrontation with North Korea not imminent
DEBKAFile: Dimona nuclear plant personnel ordered back to work
DEBKAFile: Hizballah chief again threatens Israels nuclear reactor
us national security – Google News: Comment: US National Security Adviser McMaster is a friend to Israel – The Jerusalem Post mobile website
DEBKAFile: Ivanka Trump blasts white supremacist rally in Charlottesville
Stars and Stripes: Missouri town raises money for military plane crash victim
cia – Google News: Transcript: CIA Director Mike Pompeo on “Face the Nation,” Aug. 13, 2017 – CBS News
DEBKAFile: Terrorist suspect shot and detained, thwarting Jerusalem attack
us national security – Google News: US officials says confrontation with NKorea not imminent – KRQE News 13
Washington Free Beacon: Pompeo: North Korea Moving Toward Ability to Hit U.S. With Nuclear Strike at Alarming Rate
Washington Free Beacon: McMaster Repeatedly Refuses to Say if He Can Work With Bannon
cia – Google News: Trump’s remarks on Charlottesville “pretty clear”: CIA chief – Reuters.com
www.washingtontimes.com stories: Security: US military says 2 American soldiers killed in Iraq
us national security – Google News: Trump national security adviser says Virginia clash is terrorism – The Times of Israel
us national security – Google News: US national security adviser declines to rule out military response to North Korea threats – POLITICO.eu
www.washingtontimes.com stories: Security: Officials: Exhumation of killers from vet cemeteries is rare
International Security – Google News: Opportunity for UK to redefine its global role – gulfnews.com
fbi – Google News: FBI probe underway into Virginia white nationalist post-rally violence – Reuters
Washington Free Beacon: McMaster Rips Susan Rice for Suggesting U.S. Tolerate Nuclear Weapons in North Korea: Shes Not Right
www.washingtontimes.com stories: Security: Excerpts from recent Wisconsin editorials


Saved Stories – 1. US Security
Rape as a Tactic of Terror: Holding the Islamic State Accountable
The Early Edition: August 10, 2017
Today’s Headlines and Commentary
Today’s Headlines and Commentary
Trump hedges as military presents new Afghanistan strategy
US military: Georgian soldier killed in latest Afghan attack
The Latest: Trump admin warns against classified info leaks
American Conservatism, 1945-2017
Secret Service Leaves Office in Trump Tower Due to Lease Terms
Homeland Security will waive laws to build US border wall – Washington Post
Report: Trump considering Perry for secretary of Homeland Security – Texas Tribune
The Trump Team’s Dangerous Mixed Messages on North Korea – U.S. News & World Report
McMaster ousts second official on National Security Council – Washington Post
Trump’s national security dominoes – Axios
John Kelly Quickly Moves to Impose Military Discipline on White House – New York Times
Can This National Security Council Handle a Real Crisis? – The Atlantic
Under Trump, a Hollowed-Out Force in Syria Quickly Lost C.I.A. Backing
U.S. Opens Door to Talks With North Korea, While Flexing Military Muscle
America Is Running Out of Bomb-Sniffing Dogs
Trumpocalypse: A Nightmare From Which Theres No Normal Exit
We Are Now in Cold War 2.0
Trump White House Colludes With Fox News to Embrace Disinformation
Why Trump Can’t Trust the Kabul Government
Can the U.S. Military Stop North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program?
Trump’s reboot of sanctions ushers in ‘new normal’ for Russia

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