Stars and Stripes: US special ops general sees decades-long struggle in Africa – 3:48 PM 5/30/2017

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1. US Security from mikenova (70 sites)
Stars and Stripes: US special ops general sees decades-long struggle in Africa
Stars and Stripes: Allegations of abuse, mismanagement shadow gains against ISIS
Washington Free Beacon: Kathy Griffin Does Photoshoot Holding Donald Trumps Severed Head
Lawfare – Hard National Security Choices: The President Lawyers Up: Constitutional Duty and Private Interest in the Trump Legal Defense
Washington Free Beacon: Spicer Ends Briefing After Being Asked About Possible Communications Shake Up
Washington Free Beacon: Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Scrubs Super Bowl Pics After Free Beacon Report
Washington Free Beacon: Spicer Berates White House Press Over Fake News About Earpiece
Washington Free Beacon: Lebanon Seeks to Ban Wonder Woman Because Lead Actress Is Israeli
Stars and Stripes: Coast Guard rescues Virginia Beach sailor near Tangier Island
Washington Free Beacon: Report: 5,500 Noncitizens Discovered on Virginia Voter Rolls
Stars and Stripes: ‘Wonder Woman’ may flip the superhero script
The National Interest: Dozing Off on the Way to Planetary Ruin
The National Interest: Stalingrad: The Bloodiest Battle of World War II (And Maybe of All Time?)
Washington Free Beacon: Obama Regulation Could Leave Millions of Retirees Without Investment Guidance
Stars and Stripes: June 2 — Director Patty Jenkins is determined to let a hero be herself
Washington Free Beacon: Personal Income Up 0.4%, Consumer Spending Hits Biggest Increase in Four Months
fbi – Google News: Disney employee accused of impersonating FBI agent on I-Drive – WKMG Orlando stories: Security: Baker bill calls for reforms in state’s unemployment system
Stars and Stripes: Mississippi National Guard soldier dies, 3 others injured in training
Eurasia Review: Changing Face Of Democracy In India Analysis
Stars and Stripes: US-backed Syrian fighters reach gates of ISIS capital of Raqqa


Saved Stories – 1. US Security
James Comey Needs To Get His Clinton Investigation Story Straight…Again – HuffPost
FBI investigating Kushner meetings, report says; House leader seeks more Comey documents – Los Angeles Times
Former FBI director Comey to testify publicly – Washington Post
James Comey to Testify in Public Senate Hearing About Russia Inquiry – New York Times
Trump told the Russians that firing Comey took the pressure off. This is what he should have said instead. – Washington Post
Trump asked intelligence chiefs to push back against FBI collusion probe after Comey revealed its existence – Washington Post
President Trump vs. James B. Comey: A timeline – Washington Post
James Comey May Have Tipped The Election To Trump Based On A Fake Russian Document – PoliticusUSA
How a dubious Russian document influenced the FBI’s handling of … – Washington Post
James Comey May Have Been Swayed By ‘Bad’ Russian Intelligence On Hillary Clinton’s Emails – UPROXX
Comey’s handling of Clinton probe was influenced by a strange Russian document – Salon
Republicans Watch Their Step in a Slow Retreat From Trump
Caught in White House Chaos, Justice Dept. Official Seeks Neutral Ground
Lieberman Withdraws From Consideration as F.B.I. Director
Russian Once Tied to Trump Aide Seeks Immunity to Testify Before Congress
1917: Pro-German “Gloaters” Listed by Federal Agents
Democrats Call for Jared Kushner to Lose Security Clearance Amid FBI Probe – Newsweek
FBI Investigation Shifts To Kushner’s Ties With Russia – Vocativ
Standoff outside FBI Building in St. Francis ends with arrest –
STASI: Besides Ivanka, Jared Kushner is only interesting to FBI – New York Daily News
Trump returns home to leaks, Russia, FBI headaches – Washington Examiner
FBI Investigates Attempt to Hack the Trump Organization – New York Times
FBI Scrutiny of Kushner Brings Russia Probe Into the White House – Bloomberg
FBI Director Comey Knew Info in Clinton Email Case Was Faked by Russian Intelligence: Sources – KTLA
FBI Refuses to Share Comey Memos with Congress – New York Magazine

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